HD 'Team ICO Collection' Coming To The PS3


Its been rumoured for months and months and huge amounts of Playstation 3 owners have been desperate to see the Team ICO Collection (ICO / Shadow of the Colossus) be given a HD makeover for the PS3, well now it seems that the wishes of millions of gamers will finally come true according to an article on Eurogamer.net.

In the article it states that industry sources have said that the HD remakes of what many call the pinnacle in the PS2’s vast games library will be coming to the Playstation 3 in March or April 2011 and will cost around £24.99. Eurogamer also state that those wanting to pre-order the titles in the U.K wont have to wait long with sites adding the titles in the next few days.

US site, Walmart.com already has the option for North American gamers to pre-order the title with the release date stated as 1st April 2011. Whether or not this will be the actual release date, remains to be seen but it seems it will be around the March/April time so this could indeed be the correct release date information for North American gamers anyway.

This is indeed great news for PS3 owners and with the God of War Collection being released in HD and a massive success, its safe to say that the Team ICO Collection will be just as a big success or if not, even bigger.

With the Tokyo Game Show this week, its likely that we will hear a lot more regarding this news thats for sure.

As always, click here for the forums.

Thanks to Eurogamer.net for the heads up.

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