Heavy Rain DLC coming April 1st


European Project Manager for Heavy Rain, Alex Pavey has confirmed on the Official Playstation Blog that the first batch of DLC for Heavy Rain will be released on the Playstation Store on Thursday April 1st. For those of you that bought the Collector’s Edition of the game, you have more than likely already played through the first set of DLC but for those of you that have the standard version of the game it will be on the Playstation Store in a couple of weeks priced at £3.19/€3.99.

The first set of DLC is called Heavy Rain: Chronicle 1 – The Taxidermist and it revolves around Madison Paige as she investigates a lead that turns unexpectedly perilous. Also Alex Pavey states that the first DLC is an expansion and update of the original ‘Taxidermist’ demo that was shown at both E3 2008 and Gamescom 2008.

Also in the article, Alex says that a patch for resolving the small problems (audio problems for example) that gamers were experiencing while playing the game has been released yesterday (March 19th) so the next time you play Heavy Rain you should be prompted with an update of some sort.

Thanks to the Official Playstation Blog for the heads up.

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