Heavy Rain DLC Delayed for North America


North American retailer, GameStop have released information regarding a delay in the DLC for Heavy Rain in North America. On their website, they update the title’s listing with –

“due to a delay by the publisher, this content will not be available for download until Thursday, March 4, 2010.”

GameStop are offering a free code with every pre-order to gamers that would give them access to the first Heavy Rain Chronicles DLC episode on day one but now SCEE have confirmed to VG247 that the delay will only effect North America and not the UK or Europe –

“Anyone who has pre-ordered, or buys the special edition from HMV, will be able to download it from day one as promised,” a Sony rep told us.

“Other European territories gave the first Chronicle away via other means, and they will also get it day one.”

So it seems that the North American PS3 owners will have to wait a little longer than their European counterparts for the first instalment of DLC for Heavy Rain.

Thanks to VG247 and Joystiq for the original posts –


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