Heavy Rain Exclusive Demonstration Days


With the UK release of Heavy Rain drawing closer, fans of the up and coming crime thriller can get hands on with certain aspects of the game before the title is released by heading down to a selected number of stores on the following dates – Friday 26th, Saturday 27th or Sunday 28th February.

The exclusive demonstration for these stores will include a demo of key in-game scenes and most importantly, you can get hands on with the game before you decide whether or not to splash the cash on it. I personally think it’s a great idea as I still know people that have played the demo and are still unconvinced if this is for them or not so this option is a great chance for them to see more of what Heavy Rain has to offer.

The stores that have this demonstration running are –

  • HMV Edinburgh
  • HMV Manchester
  • HMV Leeds
  • Gamestation Edinburgh
  • Gamestation Birmingham
  • GAME Nottingham

So guys, if you’re still unsure about buying the game, try to head to one of these stores to try before you buy!

Heavy Rain is released exclusively on the Playstation 3 on February 26th.

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