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With the release of Heavy Rain drawing closer by the day and the fact that everyone including us is so excited about the whole Heavy Rain experience, we thought we would provide you with some pictures of the official promo in all its glory provided to us by Sony, character info and also the press release from Sony itself. Pics below –

Character information –

Ethan Mars – Overview

Ethan Mars is a young architect, living on the east coast of America. Two years ago, he lost his eldest son in a car accident that left him in a coma. Once a successful and happy family man, Ethan is now grief-stricken and depressed; separated from his wife Grace, and distant from his other son, Shaun.
As a result of his injuries in the accident, he experiences strange blackouts – waking in an unfamiliar place with no memory of how he got there. Still suffering from these strange after-effects, Ethan is thrown into a nightmare when Shaun disappears – it seems that he may have become the next victim of the ‘Origami Killer’.
Initially depressed and listless, Ethan will find reserves of strength and bravery, as he is forced to confront the question of just how far he is prepared to go to rescue his son. In doing so, he may be able to finally find redemption from the guilt and grief he feels.


Madison Paige – Overview

Madison Paige is a 28 year old photographer. She is gutsy and brave, but suffers from crippling insomnia. She has no apparent connection to the Origami Killer case, but she will gradually become drawn into the investigation – placing herself in great danger to find out the truth.

Scene – ‘Madison at the Blue Lagoon’

This scene takes place roughly two thirds of the way through the game, following the Jayden scene ‘Mad Jack’. Although followed different leads from Jayden, she has also been lead to the ‘Blue Lagoon’ nightclub, looking for Paco – the seedy owner, who seems to have had dealings with the killer.


Norman Jayden – Overview

Norman Jayden, 28 years old, is an FBI profiler specialising in the psychology and methodology of serial killers.
He has been called into an unfamiliar city to assist the local police force’s investigation into a series of deaths. His presence and approach are considered unwelcome by the local cops, making his task even more challenging.
He is absolutely dedicated to finding the killer, and considers it a personal challenge, but he also strives professional and ethical in his approach to the case.

ARI (Added Reality Interface)

Jayden is equipped with a prototype technology called ARI (‘Added Reality Interface’), made up of hi-tech glasses and glove. ARI is an experimental device that Jayden specialises in using, which allows him to investigate crime scenes, and collect and analyse evidence. It plays a unique role in the gameplay when controlling Jayden.


Jayden secretly suffers from an addiction to Triptocaine – a drug that is intended to assist with his use of the ARI, but which he has become dependent on. As the investigation progresses, this affliction may begin to impact on his capabilities…

Scene – ‘Mad Jack’

The ‘Mad Jack’ scene takes place roughly 2/3rds of the way through the game. Jayden is on the trail of the Origami Killer, and a lead has brought him to a junkyard run by Mad Jack – a shady character with criminal connections.


Scott Shelby – Overview

Scott Shelby, 45 years old, is a private investigator. With the police apparently no closer to bringing the so-called ‘Origami Killer’ to justice, Shelby has been hired by the families of previous victims to investigate leads that the authorities may have missed.
Although he is gruff and taciturn by nature, he is capable of using charm and empathy to gain the trust of the people he deals with.
Despite his asthma, he is a tough and imposing figure, with a strong sense of justice – and he is more than prepared to use force where necessary.

Scene – ‘Hold-Up’

The ‘Hold-up’ scene takes place early in the narrative. Shelby is visiting a convenience store whose shopkeeper, Hassan, lost his son to the Origami Killer. The clearly grief-stricken Hassan is initially reluctant to speak to Shelby – but before he can leave the store, a criminal enters and attempts to rob Hassan as gunpoint.
Shelby, hidden at the back of the store, must decide what to do…
Will he risk his own safety by trying to overpower the robber?
Will he try to negotiate with him?
Will he avoid getting involved, and place Hassan in danger?
Whatever his choice, there will be dramatic consequences for all three men…


Now for the press release from Sony –

Heavy Rain™ for PlayStation®3 on its way.

Choose your next move carefully.

Open that door or kick it in? Use your gun – or use your phone? There are no right or wrong answers – but you’ll live with the consequences of what you do.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced the release of a title that pushes the boundaries of intelligent gaming: Heavy Rain™ coming to PlayStation®3 (PS3™) on 24th February in PAL Markets[1]. A thought-provoking, dark and utterly gripping thriller, it’s more than a game – it’s a journey where you set the rules and where the buck stops with you. Heavy Rain plunges you into a small town where a killer is on the loose and time is running out. You must decide just how far you’ll go to track him down. Be warned: in Heavy Rain, every action has its own set of consequences. Half videogame, half interactive movie, this is a tense and emotional journey that’ll have you on the edge of your seat.

In a grimy, rain-soaked and fear-ridden town on the east coast of the USA, sons are going missing. With no clues, the authorities are panicking as badly as the general public is. Now, another boy goes missing – Shaun Mars. With time running out, you – or rather, four of you – must take up the hunt. In Heavy Rain, you play as a combination of four separate characters, each with their own strand of the story. Ethan Mars, Shaun’s father, is driven by desperation and torn by grief and guilt. Madison Paige is a gutsy photographer who finds herself getting in too deep. Private investigator Scott Shelby is hunting down leads the police may have missed, while FBI agent Norman Jayden’s troubles take the form of hostile colleagues. By switching characters and seeing events from different perspectives, you’ll find the information you need to crack the case. It’s an emotional story that you’ll shape yourself – through the decisions you make.

Follow leads, check out locations, take on hoodlums, make snap decisions and immerse yourself in the story – Heavy Rain has it all… but it’s more than an adventure game. The magic is in the flexibility of the story – you don’t just play it; you shape it. The decisions you make at key points can send the plot spinning off in entirely unexpected directions and change the story completely. There’s no set list of scenes to play through – instead, you shape your own path through the dark and unsettling world of Heavy Rain – and you’ll never play the same game twice. Developed by the renowned Quantic Dream exclusively for PS3, Heavy Rain arrives in stores in February. It’s time to start the journey.  Find out more at www.HeavyRain.com and eu.playstation.com. Heavy Rain will be released in the UK and Ireland 26th February.

Thanks for reading and enjoy Heavy Rain guys!

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