Heavy Rain Move Edition Screenshots Revealed


Sony today released the very first screenshots of the Playstation Move edition of Heavy Rain. The game which is set to release just before Christmas will give gamers the chance to play the game using Sony’s Motion Control system, the Playstation Move straight out of the box. For those that already have the game, an update will be released on PSN that will allow users the chance to use the motion control as well.

Product Manager for Heavy Rain Move Edition, Ross Alexander posted the article on the official EU Playstation Blog earlier today –

Hi everyone, I’m Ross, Product Manager on Heavy Rain Move Edition. Today we have a world exclusive for you – the very first screenshots for the game which showcase the new Playstation Move control system.

Heavy Rain has been given a Playstation Move makeover with a brand new control scheme that gives players the ultimate freedom of control. With PlayStation Move you can really put yourself at the heart of the story more than ever before, and your every decision and every move will make a difference.

Heavy Rain Move Edition will be available to buy pre-Xmas. If you already have a copy of Heavy Rain you’ll be able to download a free update from PSN that’ll let you play the game with the new PlayStation Move controls.

Heavy Rain Move Edition is played using a PlayStation Move motion controller to complete actions and a PlayStation Move navigation controller or DUALSHOCK 3 Wireless Controller to move your character. But if you want the full experience we’d strongly recommend you play with a PlayStation Move motion controller and a navigation controller.

You’ll also be able to play the game with the standard DUALSHOCK 3 controls if you don’t have PlayStation Move.

The first screenshots for Heavy Rain Move Edition can be found below –

Thanks to the official EU Playstation Blog.

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