Heavy Rain Patch Problems


An article has been posted by the Examiner.com saying that a patch for Heavy Rain is causing some issues with the game. The patch which comes in at 230MB in size has caused owners of the title to experience game crashes, audio skipping, save/loading problems, and some characters getting caught in the scenery which is a worry. Of course, it seems like it’s only happening to some owners of the game and not everyone but it’s still frustrating for gamers that are experiencing these problems.

The article also mentions that because the game is an offline title only, if you don’t want to update your game with the patch then every time you play the game, you will have to ignore the patch update. Of course, Sony are probably aware of this problem and I’m sure are working on a new update to get rid of the problems that some are having but it’s still a bit of a worry for a title which is so new and Heavy Rain is one of those types of games that really pulls you in and grabs you so will these errors that are being reported, take that away from the game in anyway?  Let’s hope not.

More news of this as we get it. Let’s hope a new update isn’t too far away.

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