Heavy Rain Sells 500,000 Units In It's First Week


A stronger than expected first week for Quantic Dream’s interactive thriller, Heavy Rain.

Heavy Rain has gathered its fair share of attention in the gaming media and had more internet hype than most games could ever hope for,Translating this into strong sales, however, is no easy thing and many had predicted that Heavy Rain would perform poorly at retail with such markedly different gameplay mechanics.

Preliminary sales data is in and it looks like Heavy Rain has sold around 500,000 units in week one. In key markets – around 200,000 were sold in the Americas, nearly 100,000 in the UK, over 50,000 in France and 25,000 in Japan. With good reviews, the game should see some strong sales throughout the year and could hit 1.5 million by Christmas.

What I do know, regardless of the sales figures – this game will go down in gaming history due to Heavy Rain’s revolutionary gameplay and this is only the beginning for this genre of game.