Heavy Rain Special Edition DLC Update – IMPORTANT INFO


The guys over at the Official Playstation Blog have posted an article with regards to the downloadable content that’s included with the Special Edition version of Heavy Rain. Included along with the game itself is a voucher code to download three pieces of additional content, Chronicles episode 1, the additional playable scene, a Dynamic XMB Theme and the Official Heavy Rain Soundtrack.

For those of you that have the Special Edition version of the game in the UK (HMV Exclusive) then DO NOT redeem the code till after March 4th if you want the soundtrack thats included as there is a technical error with regards to the Heavy Rain soundtrack part of the DLC that’s included. You can of course still use the code before March 4th but if you do, the soundtrack DLC will not be included with the rest of the content that you will receive. You can still get the soundtrack DLC after March 4th and the way of getting around this problem according to Sony is, if you pre-ordered your copy from HMV online then they will send you a code through email so that you can go ahead and download the soundtrack of the game from March 4th. If you pre-ordered the game in a HMV store, then you will have to contact SCE UK Customer Service which the phone number can be found below –

Sony UK Customer Service number – 08705 99 88 77

It seems that there are a few problems being reported with not just DLC content errors etc but also within the game as well which we posted about yesterday. Not good news really but these things happen I’m afraid.

Thanks to Danny275 from WENB for the heads up!

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