Hitman Gets New Featured and Escalation Contracts


IO Interactive have today shared details on what new content is available this week in Hitman.

There will be new featured and escalation contracts to come into Hitman. These new Featured contracts can be found at the ‘Featured’ menu and the full list in Contracts>Featured Contracts.

If you think you can create your own awesome contract, be sure to share the details on the  forums. The best contracts will be then added  in the game for the next refresh.

There are also two new escalation contracts available, which will also give you access to the TAC-SMG Covert. These include:

Escalation: The Perkins Disarray – Hailey Quinzel and Lindsey La Coeur must be eliminated with specific disguise restrictions. The IAGO auction also needs to be sabotaged with two other complications adding to the challenge. 

Escalation: The Granville Curiosity – The Granville Curiosity includes three individual targets, with a variety of disguise restrictions and kill conditions. Two other complications will add extreme security measures and a time limit.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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