Hitman PlayStation Plus Beta Coming Next Week


Square Enix have announced that the recent beta for Hitman will be live again on March 4th for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The beta gives the chance to see the beginning of Agent 47’s illustrious career and see how he joined the ICA. A new trailer has also been released which bridges that 20 year gap between the end of the Prologue and the Sanguine Fashion Show in Paris. Two new modes have also been detailed for Hitman, which include:

Elusive Targets are the closest thing to the Hitman fantasy that we’ve ever created. You’ll get only one chance to take them down during a limited-time in real time. They each come with a unique backstory and you’ll get in-game rewards for completing multiple Elusive Target Contracts.

Escalation Mode has a strong focus on having fun with the game mechanics, rather than being realistic. Each Escalation contract will… escalate in difficulty as we add new elements into the mix, such as asking you to remove security camera recordings within two minutes of being recorded – but we’re able to change where the security cameras are and also add other elements such as laser trip-wire explosives. It’s all about having fun as pretty much anything goes in this mode.

Enjoy the trailer and let us know if you will be downloading the beta next week in the comment section below.


Source: PS Blog

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