Hitman: Sniper Review


The return of Agent 47 is in a format you wouldn’t necessarily expect. As the title suggests, your aim is to take out targets with your trusty sniper rifle while remaining undetected, and complete the mission before the countdown expires. Its sleek design and beautiful graphics make it one of the most visually captivating games on the iOS market today, and there’s no doubt that Square Enix put good thought in to their product. The end result is a game that is aesthetically pleasing on the eye, but elements of it leave you wanting something more.

The control configuration isn’t too spectacular or complicated; pinching, swiping and tapping being the name of the game. I found the game to be very responsive and easy to play. The idea of the game is simple in its premise, Agent 47 has to take out targets that have been set out in his contract. Progression is achieved when all the objectives have been completed and when you reach the minimum score for that contract. However, it isn’t as simple as getting the missions completed as quickly as possible, it’s about finer details such as getting head shots, not being caught by the guards, and not holding Agent 47’s breath before pulling the trigger; all of which will help you accumulate more points.

Although initially the beauty of this game lies in its simplicity, the missions can become monotonous, as they are all set in the same venue, a villa set in a mountainous terrain with rooms leading on to balconies, a jacuzzi, stairwells and a swimming pool. Agent 47 starts and ends every mission in the same position, and it’s a shame that there aren’t even just a couple more settings for Hitman Sniper to keep it fresh and give you a reason to pick it up and replay it. The main hub is well set out and with panels are large icons to make it easy to see. There’s a leaderboard so you can see how you compare against your friends, and an option to log in with Facebook and earn yourself points to mod your weapon.

The sound is great, as it adds a real sense of tension to your surroundings. Hearing the control of Agent 47’s breathing, and hearing the bullet from the rifle fly out of the barrel are very gratifying, and although this may seem like a minor point, it’s sometimes those finer details that contribute so heavily to the finished product.

The DLC is packed with more sniper rifles as an in-app purchase, as well as more contracts to take out, so you don’t have to replay the original contracts over and over again. Obviously, as you advance through the game the difficulty of the game increases, and of course that can only be a good thing, otherwise you would end up with a game that fails to challenge you and fails to keep the player engaged.


Hitman: Sniper is a solid game, but it leaves you wondering what it could have been if it had that little bit more. The sound is fantastic, and the controls are accessible and easy to use, but my grumble with this game is that there aren’t more locations. I feel if this game had more locations, then we could be talking about a near faultless game. Having said that, at £3.99 from the App Store, I believe this game represents great value for money.


Hitman Sniper is available now via the App Store and Google Play

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