Hitman 'The Hexagon Protocol' Escalation Contract Now Available


We are just 7 days away from the second episode of Hitman (We cannot wait). However, new content is available right now!

Yup, Square Enix have today announced the addition of a new Escalation Contract titled The Hexagon Protocol. This challenge gives out multiple targets, specific exits, kill restrictions and it also introduces a new extreme security measures, which come in to play when you reach Stage 5.

Square Enix will also be live streaming directly from PAX East 2016 this weekend. It will feature IOI’s Lead Online Designer, Torben, and Main Writer, Michael. They will be joined by PR Manager Sven for the HITMAN – You Know His Number panel. The guys will be discussing how to create an enticing story arc over multiple seasons and the idea behind our live content. Plus, they’ll be showing off the Sapienza location from Episode Two. This is available at 16.30 EDT / 22.30 CEST.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the new escalation contract in the comment section below.

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