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Hjerpseth & FIFARalle Answer FIFA 12 Questions


Two very well known FIFA editors Hjerpseth and FIFARalle got their hands on FIFA 12 today to record some footage of new skills and tricks for EA SPORTS. But as well as that they also answered questions from the community which revealed some promising changes to elements of FIFA 12. They answered a shed load of questions but here’s the best of the best.

Q: How many new skill moves have been added this year?

3 new skill moves; 2 existing moves have been improved. Elastico chop, reverse toe-bounce and LATW are the new skill moves (last two are freestyle tricks)

Q: Is it difficult to do skills moves against the AI?

YES from @hjerpseth @fifaralle on it being difficult to do skill moves against AI, especially with Tactical Defending.

Q: Can I do the the “no-look” pass, like Ronaldinho?

Yes it’s in the game this year 🙂

Q: Do the skills look like FIFA 11, or are they different in animation?

Some skill animations have changed; overall skills are all kind of different as the outcome due to error touches changes each time.

Q: How does the new Precision Dribbling system effect how you use skill moves?

Precision dribbling improves the game overall. More options. More time.

Q: How do you do the “Bergkamp Flick”?

The Bergkamp flick is hard and it’s contextual – but when you pull it off it is AMAZING.

Q: Are finesse shots improved this year?

Finesse shots: a lot more error involved so shots aren’t nailed on any more.

Q: Will players have the option to jump slide tackles?

Yes you can jump/avoid slide tackles. Even better now due to the Player Impact Engine.

Q: Can you dribble through a team like Messi with no skills just dribbling?

If you’re good enough, and with Precision Dribbling you can dribble through teams.

So, some good stuff in there i’m sure you’ll agree especially with regards to the additional error on finesse shots and skill moves. The outcome of skill moves in FIFA 11 was far too reliable and consistent so it’s pleasing to hear about the added error to the individual touches and exit angles of the skill moves.

This Q&A was taken straight from the EASPORTSFIFA Twitter feed, so check it out for even more answers. And make sure you check out Hjerpseth and FIFARalle on YouTube.


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