HMV To Host Wonderbook Playtest


Sony have announced that HMV Oxford Street will be hosting a Wonderbook Sampling Event throughout this forth coming Bank Holiday.

The event will occur through August 25th – August 27th and it will be the first opportunity that fans in the UK will be able to get their hands on with Wonderbook and also learn more about it before it is released in November.

Players will be taken over the stage area at the back of the ground floor to the dedicated sampling area where people can try out their wizard skills.

HMV will also be offering the following exclusive pre-order discount for the Bank Holiday

  • £3 off Wonderbook & Book of Spells making it £27.99 (Normal Price: £30.99)
  • £5 off Wonderbook, Book of Spells, PlayStation Move Controller, PlayStation Eye making it £65.99 (Normal Price: £70.99)

You can also read our recent preview of Wonderbook to see if it interests you. Let us know if you will be attending via the comment section below.

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