Homefront: The Revolution Launch Trailer


Deep Silver have sent us across the launch trailer for Homefront: The Revolution.

Coming this Friday on May 20th, Homefront: The Revolution allows players to immerse themselves in this truly unique story driven shooter, taking the role of a resistance fighter together with a handful of other determined individuals, they fight to liberate Philadelphia from oppression and occupying forces. Dr. Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media stated;

With Homefront: The Revolution we deliver a reboot of the Homefront IP, a brand new open world shooter game with asymmetric, guerilla warfare. Not only that, we also deliver with it a deep story about defending our values, defending our country, defending our society, and that is as current as it can be.

More details on the game’s expansion pass was also revealed today. The pass gives access to the three currently planned single player campaign expansions, and unlocks some exclusive bonuses for use in Homefront’s online co-operative experience known as Resistance Mode. Also coming this year are The Voice of Freedom and Aftermath, both adding new districts and several hours of original single-player content that complement Homefront’s huge 30-hour campaign.  There is also a much larger expansion planned, Beyond The Walls, which is planned for 2017.

Enjoy the trailer and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Damien O'Neill
Damien O'Neill
6 years ago

I thoroughly enjoy anything that Deep Silver develops and I will thoroughly enjoy this. With a 30 hour campaign, side missions, exploration and so on… I know that regardless of the initial reviews, this game will be great.