Horizon Forbidden West’s Tallneck is getting its own Lego Set!


This will definitely hurt if you stand on it…

Following some high profile leaks over the last few months, Lego have officially confirmed the Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck set! It comes with the Tallneck, a Burrower and an Aloy minifig to round it all off.

Featuring 1,222 pieces and standing at 13.5″ tall, the Tallneck is Lego’s latest foray into the world of video games. It will cost £69.99 and releases in May on the Lego website, in Lego stores and wherever you normally pick up your sets!

Isaac Snyder, the set’s designer, said: “Getting to team up with Guerrilla was truly remarkable. There is a huge amount of mutual respect between the design teams and everyone involved was beyond excited to see this model come to life! Our hope is that everyone building this model has as much fun as we did designing it.”

A surprisingly reasonable price for a set as detailed as this one, we’ll definitely be picking it up for NGB Towers! How about you? You can check out some images below, as well as an overview video which shows all of the features!

Check out our Horizon Forbidden West review right here, where we called it “a magnificent visual showpiece”, and gave it a solid 9/10!

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