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After the most recent podcast I thought it would be a good idea to elaborate on a topic that was touched upon on my first team outing with the team.

D-pad or Analogue? It is a debate that continues to rumble on in the PES universe.

But what if instead of the developers offering both control types to the player on-the-fly in order to keep everyone happy they instead forced the player to commit to one or the other before Kick-off? How could this simple decision the player is asked to make revolutionise the game as we know it?

Read on after the jump to find out how commitment from the player really could set them – and the game as a whole – free in a few simple steps!

First of all two steps. Two simple steps that will allow the game to be potentially changed forever :

1) Player commitment to stick or D-Pad – The player has to select whether they are going to use stick or D-pad for basic movement. Which ever method they select means the alternate to it is locked out for player control, so a D-pad player cannot switch to stick control unless they pause and select stick and vice versa. Controller inputs are being wasted when you have the ability to switch between stick and D-pad on the fly.It should also be mentioned here and now that with this commitment, execution of the various feints and alike would be mapped for suitability. So using the d-pad retains the use of quick jabs of the pad, but stick users could perhaps have a more user friendly stick rotation based system.

2) Shift Attacking emphasis and Strategy control to the D-Pad/Stick – ties in with the commitment from the player to go D-pad or stick, as what this means is that tactics and attacking emphasis can be shifted over to the d-pad or stick depending on the players choice for control. Okay, so this all sounds very ‘FIFA’ in doing this but you can’t help but think that EA were on to something here. Tactics and attacking emphasis of your team can change games but surely more potent a weapon is having more control of the player in possession.

Okay, now we have done that,  L2/LT has become free as a result!

So what to do with this button now that it has been set completely free?

Well, the possibilities – while not quite being limitless – are somewhat vast. The games basic(and even advanced) controls are all still very much in place as they always have been, but now we have another input that could be used to completely change the way the game can be played. My suggestion for L2/LT is to make it the Manual Modifier Control button.

Now lets go onto how this new Manual Modifier Control button would work.

Well straight off it can be used as an input that when pressed in conjunction with pass, long pass, through ball or shoot allows the player full manual control of these actions and all there variants which by that I mean finesse shots or lofted through balls for example. So, pressing and holding L2/Lt, pressing the D-pad or stick(whichever method you have chosen to control movement with in other words) in any chosen direction and pressing pass would result in the ball being played precisely in that direction, with the length of time the pass button is held dictating weight.

At last! Full manual control over execution of passes and shots, but the really great thing about this is that the player is able to do all this on-the-fly as the assisted method is still in place so long as you are not pressing down on L2/LT when performing an action. In other words you are not forced to play the game using either assisted or manual control from the off as the game can do both meaning it is completely at the players fingertips how they wish to play. Want to knock the ball about safely using the assisted controls? It’s there. Want to shake yourself free of the games assistance? It’s all there at your fingertips in an instant. the potential here is huge surely.

It doesn’t end there for Manual Modifier Control though. Oh no, there is still a bit we can eek out of the system yet!

I remember fondly on the N64 version of ISS98 that it had a nifty little button command simply referred to as ‘Trapping’. What trapping did was basically allow your player to control and takedown a pass in whatever way they saw fit. So pressing down the ‘Trapping’ button as a high ball was incoming saw your player leap in the air a chest trap the ball. However if you held down the trapping button and then pressed in any direction on the pad/stick your player would leap to control the ball but this time would caress the ball down in the direction you had presse. This wasn’t just reserved for high or mid height passes either as when receiving a grounded pass and performing the same action would see you player flick the ball up in the direction chosen allowing him to set for a volley or even flick the ball over himself and any markers in close attention into the bargain! Honestly, how many times have you been playing PES and just wished you had a little more say in how a player traps the ball or performs his first touch? Well ‘Trappping’ should make a comeback and it too could be assigned to L2/Lt along with the ability to manually control passes, shots etc.

Did I also mention that the ‘trapping’ button, when held in down when your player was stationary and no direction was pressed on the D-pad/stick would see him start to juggle the ball? and when you then pushed the stick or pad in chosen direction he would start to juggle on the move albeit slowly so as it was somewhat risky though offered the ability to showboat somewhat? These are the little lost gems of control that need to make a re-appearance in a Konami football title. I know ISS98 on the N64 was programmed by a different developer(KCEO) but surely Seabass and co. could take alittle dip into yesteryear for some inspiration.

When I said that the commitment to D-pad or Stick by the player would result in one input being freed up I was lying however.

Y’see the fact is it would free up completely two controller inputs! That’s right, two, as the right stick would now also be free as a knock on effect from making L2/LT the Manual Modifier Control button as Manual passing need no longer be assigned to the right stick as it is just now in the game.

Now I wonder what we could do with that! And let’s not forget that while the right stick could be used independently for whatever could be dreamed up for it, the Manual Modifier Control button used in conjunction with it could offer up something as well into the bargain.

Maybe the possibilities are limitless after all.

You guys know what to do and where to go and do it!

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