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How to Report a Cheater in PES 2013


Konami have produced a Cheating Report FAQ in which helps users from around the world who want to report a player for cheating.

The information on how to report a player in different countries is shown below:

If you live in North or South America, report here: customersupport@kde-us.com

If you live in Asia please send your reports here:
Website: http://konami-asia.com/en/contactus.html#cs 
Email: support@konami.com.hk

For Europe, write to Konami here:

When reporting a cheater, please provide the following information:

Your Username: *********
Opponent’s username: **********
Platform: Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC
Date of the match: DD/MM/YY

We stress that if you do see cheating in PES 2013 that report it as soon as possible as it will help Konami stamp out cheating in future PES titles. We reported recently that Konami have hacked down on cheating with 247 people being banned so far with the number to be revised on an almost daily basis.

Let us know if you have reported a player lately via the comment section below.

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