How Video Games and Gambling Are Similar


Did you know there are some similarities between gambling and video games? No, this doesn’t refer to the report which stated that teens that are into video gaming are far more likely to indulge in gambling. There is a visual similarity between the two vastly different mediums, but the advancement in technology has enabled online casinos to take visuals to the next level. As they employ cutting edge graphics, the appearance of the game play becomes similar to what you see in the popular video games today. Let’s take a look at this trend in more detail.

Online casinos are also on the lookout for ways to increase their player base and upgrading the technology involved is one of the preferred methods. In this case, they are taking ideas from video gaming to make the games more visually engaging and keeping the punters loyal and ensure they are not able to click away. So, if you spot any casino game online which seems similar to Candy Crush, don’t be surprised, as the design DNA of the gambling game and video game are similar as well. There are some other striking similarities in this regard:

  • The combination of visuals with the right lights and music sets the tone for an enhanced experience. This is the reason why people get addicted to video games in the first place. Incorporating these elements into casino games will have the same effect.
  • Any video game which incorporates elements of happenstance to some extent is more engaging and exciting. This is the same way people feel when the first two slots in an online slots game turn out to be the same but the last one is not. By enhancing the graphics, this experience can be heightened.
  • How many video games have you seen which offer extra lives and goodies which help you achieve success easier? In slots, you get the same with multipliers and other goodies. You can even unlock hidden games and prizes, often making the player feel as if he/she is playing particularly well.

A major example of this trend is the range of online slots, in 3D, on offer by Netent. Netent offers no less than 14 3D slots games, which feature cut scenes and other digital images that are similar to video games. BetSoft Gaming is another example here, as they too offer a range of games of the same ilk. The games are amazing as they are but the experience of playing them is enhanced significantly with the brilliant graphics and cut scenes. For more information on online slots, check out RightCasino’s relevant guide.

So, as you can see, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to similarities between video gaming and online casino games. Who knows, this might be one reason driving the number of people heading to online casinos upwards. And you never know, the future of gambling might be intertwined with video games. Well, that won’t be a surprise given how popular video games have been over the years!

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