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How Will You Watch E3?


With PSM3’s declaration that PES 2010 will be at E3, together with EA’s official announcement about FIFA 10 being in L.A., the huge gaming event has become even more unmissable. Seeing as most of our audience live in Europe, we thought we’d let you guys know the best way to catch the show!

First of all, lets give you guys a full time table of the conferences, just in case football games aren’t your only love.:

June 1st

Microsoft – 10:30 AM PST, EA – 2:00 PM PST, Ubisoft 5:00 PM PST

June 2nd

Nintendo – 9:00 AM PST, Sony – 11:00 AM PST

June 3rd

Konami – 3:00 PM PST

(PST = Pacific standard time)

All times above are 8 hours behind GMT, and 9 hours behind CET.


So where can you watch the conferences LIVE? Try these sites below!






It’s worth noting that some sites won’t be showing all conferences live, and there’s a good chance Konami’s will be held behind closed doors. We’ll find out the plans closer to the time!

We hope you found the information useful, and have an enjoyable experience watching E3!

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