Hustle Kings 'Nine Ball Clearance' Competition


Fancy winning a 46” Sony Bravia EX703 HDTV just for playing PSN pool title, Hustle Kings? I thought so! The guys over at the official Playstation Blog have posted an article in to how you get started for your chance to win a stunning looking piece of equipment courtesy of Sony. A pic of the TV can be found by clicking here.

All you have to do (famous last words!) is to play a ‘perfect’ 9-ball pool match on Hustle Kings and the best time out of everyone will be rewarded with the stunning 46″ Bravia HDTV. Also there are runners up prizes as well with 4 prize funds of €50 each going to the runners up for those to spend on the Playstation Store.

A video showing the game itself is included below –

How to get involved:

Step 1: Set up a Standard 9-ball match.

Step 2: Break and win the match by clearing up all 9 balls in your visit to the table (so that your opponent never takes a shot!).

Step 3: When the match results are shown, save your replay (by pressing square).

Step 4: Upload the entire replay video to YouTube, from ‘Match Replays’ in your ‘Profile’.

Step 5: Send the weblink for the youtube video, strictly following this template, in a private message to “Hustle_Kings9” on the EU PlayStation forum.

Make sure to read the finer details so that your Hustle King entries will qualify and good luck!

Also some pro tips are posted below which will fingers crossed help you and get you even closer to that big prize –

Pro Tips:

  • There’s no limit to the number of entries you can submit!
  • Any 9-ball match with any settings can be used so create a game suited to your preferences and your level of skill: remember that only the bonus HKC earned in the match will count!
  • Whether you make it easier for yourself by using the longest aiming lines, or you really push your skills and perform this without any aiming lines at all is entirely up to you – it doesn’t affect your score.
  • Maximize every opportunity to increase your bonus for each and every shot! Look to use the cushions for easy multipliers, and remember that the longer your run is the more points you’ll earn for sinking each ball.
  • Keep in mind that for the highest scores you’ll want to try the most audacious shots! Get to grips with advanced techniques lile swerving and jumping to score the really big HKC combos.

Click here for the forums.

Thanks to the Official Playstation Blog for the details.

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