Hworang Returns in Tekken Card Tournament


Bandai Namco have revealed that legendary Tekken star, Hworang will be included in Tekken Card Tournament.

He will be included in the forth coming update for Tekken Card Tournament, bringing his unique blend of kick-heavy Taekwondo, cocksure arrogance and repertoire of punishing moves.

He has been painstakingly rendered for the game. He also comes complete with a new set of game cards and a dazzling array of brand new fight effects just for him, all of which adds up to a fitting tribute for one of the most conceited, but talented, elite Iron Fist fighters. Hworang has sent out a message to fans, stating:

All you lucky players of TEKKEN CARD TOURNAMENT will soon be able to fight with ME, You think you can handle me? I warn you, I won’t hold back! Soon you will know who’s the best of the best!

Are you looking forward to the inclusion of Hworang? Let us know via the comment section below.

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