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I Like The Way You Move


With the podcast released everyone has heard our impressions about the news that was released yesterday. The community is certainly divided in its response to the trailer, with many expectations not being met. I took the time to dissect the trailer scene by scene, and take you through the important moments.

The trailer starts with Messi leaping up to meet the ball. The animations here look impressive, with the fluidity of controlling the ball into a sprint looking very impressive – and certainly improved.

The trailer then decides to bring in other elements of the game, this time showing the much talked about sliders that affect defensive and offensive tactics on the fly. After some fancy tech work by the video editors, we zoom into Messi’s highly details face. No surprises here, he looks fantastic whilst changing direction in slow motion. A few more details appear near his face, perhaps implying how important certain stats and attributes are in the game.

The next scene shows Messi at his best, cutting inside a desperate tackle. This move was very quick, but the animation was much more fluid than before. The rigidness certainly was less apparent. The next screen shows Messi getting harried by Mascherano, which seems exactly like previous versions. The tussling animations haven’t been improved, and was a bit underwhelming.

Finally we see another slow motion of Messi running beyond Mascherano, this time readying himself to shoot. Surprisingly Torres slides in to block the shot, as the trailer ends in a funky retro graphical style that I’m no fan of. Having Torres slide in was an awful mistake to make, although its quite obvious why Konami had him take centre stage with Messi.

Listening to everyone on the boards, it’s clear to see not everyone is happy with this particular trailer. With a lack of any sort of concrete information, it seems Konami have taken a step back with this release. For me, it’s an unfortunate blip in what has proven to be a successful start to the PES 2010 campaign. While not sharing the views of the unsatisfied, I can understand their issues. In my eyes there’s enough there to get excited/teased about, but most have chosen to focus on the lack of game specifics.

A word of advice to all, and one me and Suff are listening to; don’t judge too early. Perhaps it’s a consistent message from the WENB team whenever things don’t look too good, but we still feel this year is different. We’ll hang on to that mentality until we see clear evidence to think otherwise.

It will be interesting to see how Konami react from this, and see if the next bit of information is tailored for the people who have been disappointed. We hope a playtest will be lined up soon so we can see exactly what this game has to offer.

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