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i42: £1,000 FIFA 11 Tournament


The UK’s biggest gaming festival Insomnia (i42) at Newbury is approaching fast and it wouldn’t be right for an event of this size to not include a tournament for the UK’s biggest selling sports title of the last year. Luckily for you on April 23rd (Saturday) a £1,000 FIFA 11 tournament will be held at the Multiplay stand in the main exhibition hall.

The only barrier to entry is a ticket to the festival which can be picked up for as little as 10 English pounds. There’s no reason to be shy either as friends of FSB Sweetpatch.tv will be helping to host the event, so make sure you pop in and say hi to Dave Witts and his team.

You can find all the details at Sweetpatch.tv or on the Insomnia Gaming Festival website.

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