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Ian Jarvis Answers PC Questions


Over on the offical FIFA 12 PC Forums, PC Producer Ian Jarvis has answered a few questions put to him by the PC community.

Big thanks to Dux0r for putting this together.

Alexc26: Will the Freezing timer glitch/exploit be fixed ?

IJ – This is at the top of our list to fix and we are working on it right now.

Alexc26: Will FIFA 12 PC be tested to work on Windows 7 64bit as it seems a lot of people had problems with crashes and stuttering on that specific operating system ?

IJ – Yes, we will be supporting Win7 64bit.

Kozuki: When one on one with the goalkeeper a lot of players online pass or shoot the ball with minimum power so it rolls into the goal, goalkeepers should be saving these rolling balls but 90% of them go in, will this be addressed ?

IJ – I’m not familiar with this issue personally but like you, if this is occurring, I’d expect it to be addressed.

I SiR MartY I: Will Pro Clubs be 11v11 This year ?

IJ – All features that you see on PS3 and Xbox360 are in the PC game this year.

Th3GrimR34p3r: Will FIFA 12 PC and/or future FIFA’s have DirectX10 compatablity?


isl91: Will there be Arabic commentary in the PC version ?

IJ – Not on PC for FIFA 12.

isl91: Will it be possible to Enable/Disable 3D grass as it causes lag on some Systems ?

IJ – You should be able to turn the rendering settings down to the lowest setting to achieve this.

eladlad: Will there be an option to turn on or off Autosaves because for FIFA 11 they were always on and it wasn’t possible to change it.

IJ – This option doesn’t exist for PC.

kiko111: Will Be A Goalkeeper, be in FIFA 12 PC ?

IJ – All features that you see on PS3 and Xbox360 are in the PC game this year.  🙂

TheDoctor76: Will the PC have Custom Chants etc that Console had in FIFA 11 ?

IJ – Yes.  🙂

Outsider87P: Will you enhance the chat system? As an example Consoles can use PSN and Xbox Live, the PC does have third party programs but not every FIFA player has them or know what they are and they can cause issues within the game.

IJ – Yes, PC will have VOIP for in-game voice. With in-game Origin you also have the ability to chat via text directly with friends.

Outsider87P: Will there be support/patches etc after the release?

IJ –We’ll see about post launch patches. I’m sure the goal for developers is to get the best game out the door as possible but there are sometimes circumstances as we’ve seen in the past where we need to release a patch to make critical fixes.

AhMeD_ShEvA: what are the System Requirements for running FIFA 12 PC with HIGH details?

IJ –We’re still running systems tests for compatibility. Don’t have a definite answer for you at this time.

PDJEY: In FIFA 12 am I gonna be able to play with my brother in the same pc against other guys, while i’m playing on gamepad and him on keyboard?

IJ –Yes. You can also have up to 5 people on 1 machine.  4 controllers and 1 keyboard.  This was a request I saw on the FIFA 11 PC community forums.

Felipaoox: I’d like to know when are we going to see some in-game gameplay video to check out the fluidity, style, impact engine, etc. Any date for the PC demo? (approximate, at least!)

IJ – Not sure TBH. I’m sure it will be announced around the same time it usually is each year.

Gaius22: There will be unique features on the PC version, besides the graphics?

IJ – The game itself is the same this year ( 🙂 ) but there are some PC specific features that we’ve added. These include:
Integration with Origin for friends, ecommerce, match invites etc.
Launcher config app to control display and performance settings.
The ability to have numeric OR the standard Xbxo360 style (A, B, X, Y) button icons

Gaius22: I guess that we all know that modders play a big part in Fifa PC community, and my question is this: Will you change the type of files or the game code drastically, so that the modders have to learn how to deal the files all over again, or since its more or less the same game engine the modders will have no problem at all?

IJ – The big change for modders would’ve occurred in FIFA 11 PC as we adopted the next gen gameplay / code at that time. If they could mod FIFA 11, I’d imagine that they will be able to do the same fairly easily on FIFA 12 PC.

Gaius22: In terms of graphics customization, will we have more flexibility in setup the graphic settings, I mean will we more than just resolution, AA, detail and V-Sync in the settings?

IJ – Not too much has changed in the launcher config app in terms of display and performance settings. We’ve added windowed mode as an option but the rest is fairly consistent with last year.

Also, this year, the launcher config app has been made to auto-detect the best settings for your machine so the hope is that this resolves a lot of performance issues for people. For FIFA 11 PC launch, I spent a lot of time on the forums when the game came out and saw a lot of people reporting performance issues, only to discover that most were trying to run the game on settings that were beyond the normal abilities of the machine they had.

Gaius22: Will you add more compatible joypads to this year list?

IJ – We’re still running compatibility tests so I can’t give you a definite answer there.

ALIMPAN_BARUA: Will there be “Creation Centre” for FIFA12 PC?

IJ – Yes  🙂

ALIMPAN_BARUA: Will “Create a Club” feature be available in PC?

IJ – All features that you see on PS3 and Xbox360 are in the PC game this year.

raul93-fan: Will a Ultimate Team feature be introduced to PC version of FIFA 12 like the users on PS3 & Xbox 360 had?

IJ – Great question. Not able to answer at this time though.

Some promising bits in there I’m sure you’ll agree. Are any of you console gamers looking to make the jump to PC this year?

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