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iFVPA Club Meets Country: Update


When we posted about the FVPA’s ambitious Virtual Pro World Cup project (iFVPA) in early January I guess most people would have thought that it would take the guys at FVPA months to organise and assemble such a large and diverse roster of teams. But just one month in, International friendlies are already taking place between countries from all around the world on both major platforms.

The PS3 community now boasts eleven registered nations, England, Wales, USA, Algeria, Costa Rica, France, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Peru and Scotland with the Xbox360 community following closely behind with nine. iFVPA Wales (PS3) and iFVPA Spain (Xbox360) are currently top of the world rankings.

So if you think you could be the manager of a new nation, or you want to get involved and play for your country head over to the iFVPA website and have a look at the fantastic work taking place.

You can also check out some of the latest match highlights on the iFVPA YouTube channel too.

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