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iFVPA: Where Club Meets Country


Last year the major update to the FIFA11 Clubs mode was 11v11 and in particular being able to control your own goalkeeper. This opened the door for real life 22 player FIFA tournaments which the FVPA have specialised in now for over a year. But their dream is much bigger than just the UK and the Clubs scene. iFVPA is trying to bring countries together from all over the world to compete in an 11v11 virtual World Cup.

The FVPA will be organising England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the USA but other non English speaking nations are currently available via the iFVPA website. The list of countries available is sure to expand as more people get on board so don’t worry if your nation isn’t there just yet.

For more information check out this thread on the FVPA Forums.

A very exciting development I’m sure you’ll agree.

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