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Yes I know, IGN haven’t got the best history when it comes to judging PES – funny what site advertising in a game can do for your game score. That incident was over 2 years ago now, and things have changed. Slowly declining review scores for the PES series from the mega game site over the years proves, at least, they learnt their lesson.

Onto their preview then, and all its praise. Some of you might remember the site was one of the fortunate ones to get flown out to Tokyo, and on their return gave the game a cautiously optimistic preview. Onto E3, with a newer build with working mechanics, and they were simply blown away.

Their closing statements:

there’s enough evidence to suggest that the series could be back to its boundary-pushing best, and that by redefining its game it can sing loud and sing proud once more. It may have taken its time, but the next generation of Pro Evolution Soccer is finally on its way.

Click here for the full preview.

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