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Imagine Raging at FIFA, Then Getting Sent PES 2015 By Mario Götze!


Yes, we’re not misleading you in anyway. It involves one broken PS3 pad, FIFA and PES 2015 cover star, Mario Götze.

Let us set the story. Mario Thissen was playing FIFA 15 when he received a last minute penalty. Surely enough, he chooses Mario Götze to step up to the plate. Simple enough goal right? Nope, misses it.

Here’s when the rage starts. Mario smashes his controller, sending Götze a message on Facebook demanding a full refund. A short while had passed, until, Götze dishes out the perfect, and somewhat surprising response, confirming that he had sent the fan a replacement PS3 controller, a signed Germany shirt, a pair of headphones and, even better, a copy of PES 2015! Have a look:

We have to applaud both for such a brilliant story, especially the Bayern Munich star for his epic reply. Maybe this will teach the fan to stick to PES in the future….

Source: OPE