InFamous 2 Details Revealed


Some details have come to light for InFamous 2 in the latest issue of Game Informer in the U.S. Although there isnt a huge amount to go on, one detail is the setting for the next instalment of the game which is meant to be set in a new city called, New Marais (a fictional New Orleans).

Some other details for the game are listed below –

  • Cole hasn’t aged either way, instead he is simply re-designe.
  • Cole’s voiced by a new voice actor.
  • Cole will be spending his time in the game becoming a “super-super hero” in order to be able to beat the beast, this will involve him will be ramping up his power from the last game.
  • There are now real cut-scenes as well as the traditional comic strip narrative.
  • You wont just jump up buildings but will construct ways to make it up buildings using objects.
  • There will be some new powers outside of electricity but Cole will still be the electric super hero.
  • Melee weapons feature.
  • Zeke is more helpful.
  • More people, cars and generally more happening in the game.

Thats all for now but of course, there will be more InFamous 2 details im sure, once E3 starts at the end of the month.

Thanks to vg247 and playstationinformer for the original article.

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