Infamous: Second Son Reveals Powers and Setting


As the PlayStation 4 creeps ever closer, more and more information is starting to appear about its launch titles. Today brings you a few new tid bits about the up coming release of Infamous: Second Son.

In this latest installment, you will be taking control of Delsin Rowe on the streets of Seattle. Rowe’s powers will be smoke based, which we can assume derives from his Native Americans roots.

How can someone have powers based on smoke I hear you ask? Well, according to Game Informers latest 10 page feature dedicated to Infamous: Second Son, Rowe will be able to throw fire balls, create smoking whirlwinds, perform a smoky… teleporty… dash attack and he will also be able to absorb powers from enemies.

Game informers video that details some of these points also hints at the mayhem they want to see in this title, aptly confirmed with the simple words, “what if Jonny Knoxvhill had powers?”

The enemies faced by young Delsin Rowe are known as the Department of United Protection (DPU). These are a government group set up to monitor and control conduits (the name given to anyone with a power), or bioterrorists as they like to call them.

The PlayStation 4 and Infamous Second Son are currently expected to grace our presence later this year.

Source CVG

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