Infinity Ward to bail out?


As all of us know, what Infinity Ward has done with the Call of Duty series since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released back in November of 2007 is quite some achievement and with millions of players playing the title across the Playstation Network and a epic, blockbuster style single player to boot, it’s quite clear that what Infinity Ward are developing is hitting the spot for gamers all over the world. Moving forward 2 years later to the release of the hugely successful follow-up, Modern Warfare 2. What the first title achieved was huge but it was eclipsed by its younger brother in pretty much every department. Modern Warfare 2 ‘s sales rocketed and it became the biggest revenue entertainment launch surpassing that of Grand Theft Auto which set the record back in 2008, selling 4.7m units in its first 24 hours in both the UK and the US and its revenue figures for its first 5 days since being released were estimated at $550m worldwide. In January of this year Activision also stated that the game had hit the $1 billion mark. Wow!

What’s next for Infinity Ward then? Well there are rumours and whispers all over the internet that the developers of arguably the two biggest next-gen titles so far, want to try their hand at something else rather than Modern Warfare 3. Interesting stuff. How much truth in these rumours/Chinese whispers? Who knows but there is normally some truth within a rumour and maybe there is something in it that suggests that they do want to try something different. Let’s be honest here, when you ask someone about Infinity Ward, they always associate them with Modern Warfare which is fair as apart from working on the PC version of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault to some degree, it’s been all about Modern Warfare and maybe the talented guys at IW are sick of being tarred with the same brush?

According to the whispers going around the net about this story, Infinity Ward will pass the coding duties over to another studio looking to have the Christmas 2011 number one slot in the gaming charts. As much as I think there is a chance that this could happen, part of me still thinks it won’t happen. Of course we will have to see how this turns out and if it does happen, it will be interesting to see which developer will take the series on. If Infinity Ward did decide to go and work on another project, I would have to respect their decision personally as I could totally understand the motives behind their actions.

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