International Cricket bowling onto the PS3 on June 18th


Codemasters have announced that their new cricket title, International Cricket will be released on June 18th for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The game which has various new additions for cricket fans to get to grips with including something called “Action Cam” which provides a more broadcast look and new on-field perspectives. Also another feature which sounds like it could really be a great addition to a cricket title is something that Codemasters are calling “Power Stick” which is full 360 analogue power and direction control. This is something that has been missing in Cricket games for a very long time and it will be great to see this feature in action.

Also included are Australian, English, and Welsh official players, stadia and kits, and compete as any of the expanded roster of 16 nations at an improved choice of 21 stadia around the world, including Lord’s.


Thanks to the guys at vg247 for the news.

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