Introducing Pacifist Films…


Like quality game related short films? You know, ones made by talented film makers who are actually gamers themselves. If your answer is yes, then read on folks.

We like to champion undiscovered talent here at NGB, especially when the content produced mixes our two favourite mediums, film and gaming. Pacifist Films are doing exactly that, and they’re doing it really well. Headed up by Nathaniel Tomlinson and Kareem Berjaoui, who are both avid gamers and film fanatics, Pacifist Films has already produced some cracking short films.

We’ve taken a few of the game related ones from their YouTube channel, and added them below for your viewing pleasure. Please check them out, and be sure to us know what you think. Who knows, we might even end up working with these guys on some video related content in the future!

Insomniac: Journey To The Pad


Hotel Echo


Three Stars


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