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Introducing: The PES Casual


Casual. Now there is a word banded about a lot in the world of PES and in gaming as a whole, often as a derogatory term, along with “kids”, or when considering PES, “the myClub crowd”. With regards to PES, it is used to describe those that the “elitist” crowd, the “hardcore”, the “real sim players” or whatever they like to call themselves these days, consider to be “The Problem”.

In football, a “casual” carries an entirely different meaning. It is (or was) used to describe a certain type of supporter, with the irony being the “casual” was more often than not a matchday attendee, both home and away, thus they were, in fact, pretty “hardcore”.

Consider me as more of the latter, minus the hooliganism, violence, or chav-y/ned-y demeanour. That said, I do like my retro Adidas, and I do intend to be confrontational when needs must, and you better believe there is a requirement for me to be so.

Age sees me more of a casual player of PES these days, if being one of “the myClub crowd” makes that so. A bit ironic that, I think: that an aging fan of the series (and way back beyond that regards football games in general) would now be considered both a “kid” and a “casual”, in spite of the aforementioned aging and the amount of time I have put into these games over the years, with PES2018’s myClub proving a somewhat massive distraction away from the grind of daily life. I guess I should be flattered on some levels.

It’s time for the “casuals” to speak up and to answer back at some of the elitist, out of touch, nonsense. Not to antagonise (okay, a bit) and drive them away (I absolutely don’t want that: “friends close…” and all that) but in the hope some common ground can be established in the ongoing discussion. Maybe try open their minds, and for mine and the other alleged contributors to “The Problem” to be opened up a bit too.

Anyway, you’ll be hearing more from me around these parts and maybe beyond. I look forward to utilising the platform that WENB has kindly provided and to which I am thankful for them doing so; look forward especially to engaging with you all, and to dealing with all matter of topics… or groups.

I’m away to level up Diego and Romario.