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Introducing PES Fantasy


Something we like to do on WENB is introduce new or existing PES related sites to the community. It’s important to realise just how vast and deep it is, and just how much PES inspires some of us to create dedicated sites for the game.

PES Fantasy is a new site opened up by Lewis Stratford. A seasoned PES editor (at the tender age of 14!), he’s been distributing his work for a few years now over on the neoseeker boards, and has built up a solid reputation.

Although the site does require you to sign up to see further than first view, you’ll find some of his work on his separate dedicated forums here. There’s an eagerness to serve the community, with opportunity to request what you would like to see.

We here at WENB would like to wish Lewis and his team all the best in conquering the world with the site 😉

Make sure you pop over and have a look.

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