Looking for FSB? Next Gen Base is now the new home for everything previously on FSB.

The Kitana Media Network Launch NGB


FSB and WENB have been growing steadily for a while now, thanks largely to hard work and you lot, but the guys behind the scenes are all gamers away from their favourite football franchise.

That’s why another channel has been added to the KMN. The Next-Gen Gaming Blog.

Aiming to continue what we’re doing here and at WENB, but accommodate all things gaming.

Myself and Dave will continue to run FSB, but we will also be contributing there too. Expect plenty of fresh content to hit the site over the next few days and a few new faces posting.

To quote the man at the helm of NGB Asim Tanvir

It’s you guys out there who have made WENB and FSB the websites they are today, we can only hope you will provide the same support to NGB so it can blossom into something truly amazing.

It’s also a good opportunity for us to thank you for your continued support, it’s very much appreciated. Hopefully you’ll continue to do the same for NGB.

NGB on twitter



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