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John Cena’s new favourite game

There’s no shortage of party games on the Nintendo Switch. In fact a new, quirky multiplayer experience seems to drop every other week, often bringing it’s own USP to the table. Into this great swaggers Invusigun Reloaded by Sombr Studio – what does this pretty looking 16bit blaster do to set it apart from the crowd? If you squint, you might be able to see it.

Yes, Invisigun Reloaded is a top down, single screen multiplayer shooter where each player is invisible. Okay, there’s a bit more to it, but that’s pretty much the log line for this game. Up to four players, each with different characters who bring their own unique abilities to the match, spawn into an arena, turn invisible and have to blast each other into teeny tiny pieces.

The trick here is that there are times that you become visible. Fire your weapon or use your characters special ability and you’ll give away your position. Knock into scenery and that part of wall, tree, bush or whatever, will flash briefly in your player colour. Collide with another player and you’ll both become visible and get stunned. There’s also other environmental elements that can identify where you are, such as snow or water that your character will leave paths through.

Each match, then, turns into a game of cat and mouse with players frantically hunting each other down. There are tactics to be had, however – characters move one grid space at a time, only in the four standard D-pad directions, so a savvy player will be able to keep track of their position and use it to get the drop on less careful opponents. Cue plenty of psychological chicanery and a good deal of shouting and laughing as players manage to one up themselves for that perfect kill (or just get lucky with a random shot). Players can also take advantage of bonuses that drop into the arena, from shields to radars, but again a mad rush for such items inevitably leads to a shooting contest.

Invisigun Reloaded echoes the best of late 90s/early 2000s party shooters

Invisigun Reloaded echoes the best of late 90s/early 2000s party shooters like GoldenEye and TimeSplitters, not only in its frantic pace but also in the sheer wealth of content on offer. There’s 12 characters to use, each with a very unique feel, as well as more arenas than you can shake an invisible stick at, meaning there’s plenty of opportunity to make every session a unique experience.

Add in a solid online mode which features cross play against PC owners, as well as bot support for solo and practice play and you’ll be able to get lost in Invisigun Reloaded’s arena shooting action for hours. But there’s more!

On top of all this PvP, Invisigun Reloaded also has a very generous story mode, however this isn’t quite as infinitely rewarded as it’s “shoot yer mates” brethren. Taking the form of a series of 9 mission campaigns, each focusing on one of the key characters, players are tasked with solving a series of single screen puzzles using a mixture of that characters specific abilities, as well as the core shooting mechanics. These puzzles range from straightforward to absolutely devious, a mix of skill and brain challenges that can be simultaneously frustrating and rewarding. The invisibility mechanic is at play here and can lead to some fiddly moments, but you can thankfully turn it off to give a more straightforward experience.

It’s certainly worth spending time here, as it’ll give you a good idea of what each characters abilities do and let you play around without the pressure of a multiplayer match. It’s also where you’ll unlock three extra characters and different customisation options, as well as find chips that you can trade in for new emotes to use in multiplayer. It’s just a shame that is not as compelling as the rest of the package.


A fiddly and sometimes frustrating single player experience meets a brilliantly fun and compelling multiplayer shooter that should become a mainstay at gaming parties for Switch owners.

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