Invizimals Coming to PlayStation 3 & Vita


Sony have announced all new Invizimals adventures with Invizimals: The Alliance for the PlayStation Vita and Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom for the PlayStation 3.

These two titles will come delivering fantastic new adventures that will challenge all young monster hunters to find and capture Invizimals in our world and in theirs!.  The Invizimals adventures use augmented reality gameplay to merge the real world with the virtual, turning everywhere into a place where lots of unique Invizimals can be found.

Players can also help each other out whether you are on the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita via the Cross-play function which is available for both titles. Official descriptions of both titles are as follows:

Invizimals™: The Lost Kingdom (PS3)

For fans of action adventure, Invizimals™: The Lost Kingdom is a brand new game which allows young explorers to enter the world of the Invizimals for the very first time. Developed exclusively for the PS3 by Magenta Software, players will discover The Lost Kingdom through the eyes of Hiro, a young explorer who uncovers a magical portal that teleports you into a fantastical new world. With the opportunity to transform into one of your all-time favourite Invizimals, players must use the Invizimals unique abilities to defeat a powerful robot army that is attacking The Lost Kingdom and solve puzzles as you journey across six exotic worlds by land, air and sea.

Invizimals: The Alliance (PS Vita)

Tiny and mysterious, the Invizimals live all around us but only your PS Vita can see them. In this exciting new PS Vita game, players will have to guide the Invizimals to a new safe-haven following the arrival of a dangerous new enemy. Using the intuitive controls of the PS Vita, players will have to help the Invizimals construct a new village and defeat their evil new foe. As well as being able to utilise the PS Vita features such as the touch screen, rear touch pad, motion sensor and the rear camera, Invizimals™: The Alliance also features state of the art augmented reality technology that is used to hunt and capture the Invizimals.

Complete with new capture minigames, Invizimals™: The Alliance delivers a magical experience like no other and with the ability to evolve your Invizimals to boost their capabilities and build a collection of 150 of the unique creatures that you hunt, capture and battle on your PS Vita there really is no end to the fun!

Screenshots of both titles and a trailer can be seen below. Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.


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