IO Interactive And Square Enix Launch The Barcode Society


IO Interactive And Square Enix have announced a new information service dedicated to all things Hitman called The Barcode Society.

The Barcode Society gives fans of the Hitman series, all the latest up to date news, behind-the-scenes access, exclusive competitions and much more. Check out the official press release below.

Dedicated to all things Hitman, The Barcode Society is run by IO Interactive to give Hitman fans a single place to get information about their favourite assassin. The Barcode Society Blog will give you quick access to the latest Hitman news and behind-the-scenes access to the developers, insights into the processes that lie behind the development of AAA games and on top of that the site will feature cool assets, exclusive competitions and other goodies that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Barcode Society is built for you. IO Interactive and Square Enix want to hear your feedback and thoughts, so join in on the official forums where you can share your views and register on the site to allow for comments on blog posts and access to future features. We’ll update the site weekly with new stories, insights into the games, vintage assets from the archives of the previous titles, features with key community people and much more, so make sure you check back often to get your recommended weekly dose of Hitman.

If you want to be part of The Barcode Society, you can sign up by clicking here.


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