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iPES Hits The App Store!


It’s something we’ve all wished and wanted ever since we got hold of games on our iPhone or iPod Touch. PES on the App Store! I’m happy to say it’s happened, but with a twist!

iPES is a new application for PES fans to keep in touch with all things PES, including the latest news, PES Blog and PES League. There’s also some mini-games to keep you occupied, including a daily quiz and ‘what happens next’ videos!

Aside from that there’s also one very special (read ADDICTIVE) element…a PES 2010 card collecting mode! All the videos watched and quiz’s answered correctly accumulate points, and you spend these on new cards! You can trade these online, and communicate through Facebook!

Crazy stuff! Loads more info on the app after the jump, including pics, exact details and the official press release!

Konamis iPES – The Fan App

now available on the App Store

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH today announced its iPES – The Fan App is now available for free on the App Store. The app has been specifically designed to appeal to PES fans with an iPhone or iPod touch.

iPES – The Fan App allows users to collect credits in different sections and features four news channels plus a host of sub-games, each of which allows users to collect fresh points each day. Accessing the PES News, PES Blog, PES League and sports news streams will reward the user with 50 credits each day. There is also a daily quiz which offers users 50 credits if the Question of the Day is answered correctly first time, or 25 if they get it on the second attempt.

The app also includes videos of some of the greatest scored goals on PES 2010. Each month, three of the best goals scored will be uploaded and users encouraged to select what they consider the best goal in return for 750 points. There is also a ‘What Happens Next?’ sub-game where users watch footage from PES 2010 and pick from one of three possible outcomes. Getting it right first time will earn them 500 points, with 250 gained if it is guessed second time round.

Point credits from the app can be used to collect special PES 2010 cards. A pack of five collectors cards costs 250 points, and contains a mixture of tips and tricks skill advice, team cards, club badges, or stadia. Purchased cards are stored within the user’s All-Star Album and they can also swap, or trade, cards with other iPES – The Fan App users over Wi-Fi.

The iPES – The Fan App is a great way to keep in touch with the PES series and it has a strong social element as it can be set to download all new elements automatically and link with friends via Facebook.

iPES – The Fan App


iPES is the iPhone App for PES fans.

Collect credits (points) with everything you do in the App and exchange the credits directly in the App for digital PES 2010 collector cards in a range of categories. You can browse through all the cards you have already collected in your album and see which ones you already have or how many collector cards you are still missing.

PES 2010 Collector cards

You need 250 credits for a pack of PES 2010 collector cards. Each pack contains 5 random collector cards.

The counter on the top right corner of the App shows you how many credits you currently have. The counter turns green when you have enough credits for a new pack. You can then open a new pack of PES 2010 collector cards in the “All-Star Album” area.

Each pack contains a random selection of cards.

There are cards from the following categories:

– Tips & Tricks (various tips and tricks to do with PES 2010)

– Teams (various club and national teams from PES 2010)

– Team Badges (emblems or flags of the club and national teams from PES 2010) and

– Stadiums (football stadiums included in PES 2010)

Collecting credits (points) / Features

You can collect credits by using all the features of the iPES App. A different number of credits are allocated for each feature.


iPES contains 4 news channels. PES News, PES Blog, PES League and UEFA News. You will get 50 credits each time you access a news channel, however only once a day!


A new question is activated every day in the quiz. If you answer correctly first time around you get 50 credits, at the second attempt you only get 25 credits and there are unfortunately no points for the third attempt.


iPES has 2 video categories

Goal of the Month

This section contains videos of 3 PES 2010 goals each month. Simply select your favourite and you get 750 credits. You can find all previous goals of the month as well as the voting results in the archive.

What Happens Next?

Here you will regularly find interesting PES 2010 videos and you have to guess how each video ends.

Look at the scene and then decide on one of three possibilities. All possibilities depict a possible outcome. If your first guess is right you get 500 credits. If you don’t guess the correct solution until your second try you only get 250 credits. You unfortunately won’t get any credits if you don’t guess correctly until your third try.

You can find all past “What Happens Next?” videos under the menu option Archive if you want to play them again. There are however no credits in this case.

The All-Star Album

Here you can exchange your credits for PES 2010 collector cards and browse through the cards you have already collected. As soon as the collector card pack has a folded corner, this means that you can open a new pack (also indicated by the green-coloured credit counter). You can rip open a pack by swiping your finger from left to right quickly over the pack.

If you tap on the pictures display in turn at the bottom of the display, this takes you to the gallery containing the cards you have already collected.


You can trade collector cards with your friends via the Wi-Fi function of your iPhone or iPod touch. You must of course be within Wi-Fi range to do this.

Click on the Trade icon >picture< in the menu of the All-Star Album in order to start trading.
Then connect up with the telephone or iPod touch of your exchange partner. Now you can both select the picture that you want to trade. You can finally confirm the trade on the screen and the two pictures selected will be swapped between the two devices.


You can decide in the Settings whether you want to share your successes in the App with your friends on Facebook. You will however still be asked before every publication on your Facebook profile whether you consent to the publication.

You can also decide here whether the application should automatically search for new content such as videos, quiz questions etc. so that you don’t have to reactivate the application every time you start up.

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