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Irrelevant, Unnecessary And Blatant?


Last week some of you may have picked up the news that UK broadcasting regulator OFCOM got itself in a bit a huff about the use of EASPORTS branding on live Sky Sports football matches, namely the Everton vs Man United match last year on the 11th September. The EA logo appeared in that game 14 times, as part of the “official technology partner” agreement between EA and Sky which we revealed back in July.

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, OFCOM ruled that Sky Sports had breached Rule 10.3 of the Broadcast Code, which states that products and services must not be promoted in programmes. On the Everton Man Utd match, OFCOM said the 14 appearances of the EA logo gave “undue prominence” to the company.

Sky’s response was swift as you’d imagine stating that EA was an “Official Sports Technology Partner” to the Premier League and that, as part of its contractual agreement with the Premier League for the live broadcast of certain matches, it is required, subject to applicable laws and the OFCOM codes, to provide an on-screen credit.

So is this all just a big fuss about nothing? Do you find yourself in anyway offended by seeing the EA logo repeatedly over the course of a football packed weekend? Was it you that complained?

Let us know your thoughts on the apparently “irrelevant, unnecessary and blatant” advertising of the EA brand.

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