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Is 2k Sports The Answer?


A common wish by sports enthusiasts and disgruntled PES fans alike, is the desire for 2k Sports to enter the football game market. It’s even something I’ve flirted around with on twitter recently, including getting in touch with some folks in the industry about a possible 3rd football game.

Today though I ask myself, is 2k really the answer?

When it comes to a sports game developer, the guys at 2k are more than qualified to produce a decent effort if they attempt to make a football game – especially on this current generation. While the NHL games sit firmly in the shadows of EA’s alternantive, the NBA games lead from the front. Similar things can be said for the MLB games. And while they don’t set the pace in every sport genre they are in, the quality of their games are consistent and robust.

One of the key reasons why fans admire the 2k guys more than most, is there willingness to accept and work with modern day technologies. The graphics mixed with realistic movements and atmosphere in all their games is top tier, as is their dedication to produce a true simulation of the sports they adhere to.

It all seems like a no brainer, but for me there’s one big if – the same ‘if’ we’ve been saying for 2 years now. IF Konami get it right this year, will 2k be needed? If PES 2011 finally answering the calling, in a world cup year, will a forray into the football market be a massive mistake? Of course it will, and that’s why I wouldn’t be so brash and hope they enter.

Sure, if you asked me before PES 2008 came out, with the ability to see into the future, I would have begged 2k. But things change, and with it so are Konami. As each year goes by we expect them to finally welcome nextgen not just in the graphics, but the full package. And as the years do pass we expect them to do it sooner than later.

Personally I’d love a 3rd publisher to come in and give us more alternatives, but in the grand scheme of things I doubt 2k is the answer. In my opinion the answer is the evolution of Konami, and their willingness to embrace this generation with open arms. Their mentality and philosophy is what I adhere to, I hope they can finally mix that with modern day expectations – rather than 2k giving me an alternative.

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