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Is FIFA Online Making A Comeback?


The FIFA Online servers in Europe and North America were closed over a year a go now but is EA’s free-to-play football offering about to make a comeback?

Well fans of the game in Asia can certainly expect better things as Korean publishing giant Nexon appear to be in the final stages of sealing a partnership to distribute the “next” EA SPORTS FIFA Online title. Rumours of an EA takeover bid by Nexon were doing the rounds a few weeks ago but it appears the source of these rumblings was actually FIFA Online, with EA looking to utilise Nexon’s free-to-play expertise in the region.

Whether we’ll see FIFA Online again on Western shores is anyones guess, but it’s promising that EA are still persisting with the game in Asia and if this partnership takes off, we could see it replicated here in the future.

Anyone still feeling burnt by EA’s decision to turn-off FIFA Online? Would you like to see it return? Anyone dislike the way they market the game in Asia…

Source: Bloomberg/Eurogamer

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