Is GoldenEye ready to invade the PS3?


One FPS that gets talked about a huge amount since it was released all the way back in 1997 is the N64 classic FPS, GoldenEye. The title was a huge success and some even say it’s the only title that was worth buying on the N64 (Im sure Mario would have something to say about that!). This game was fantastic and I hate to think how many hours I lost playing this with mates. If there was online mode for the N64 back then, this game would of blown the rest of the competition out of the water as it had a huge following and still does to this day.

Recently it seems everyone was waiting for GoldenEye to pop up on the current consoles but then it went all quiet and not much was said but now it seems like our wishes could be coming true if an article posted by the guys over at CVG has anything to do with it. According to their article, the domain name has been registered which hints at the classic game coming back. Of course, its likely that it will be as a downloadable title rather than being released on disc that would be bought from either the Playstation Store or the Xbox Live Marketplace which is going to be the right option I feel. Whether or not any of this is true, is another question for another day but its certainly looking very likely indeed. Lets hope a confirmation isnt too far away. Would be great to be able to play a HD version of a classic and if it had an online mode as well that would be the icing on the cake.

Here is the article which CVG posted up with regards to the GoldenEye story –

Now, time for the big stuff: The firm has also registered a site at, hinting that a distant relative to Rare’s classic N64 FPS might be on the cards.
That’s all we have to go on so far… but it’s highly unlikely that Rare will work on any update to the franchise – as its team is now locked away working on Natal titles for Microsoft.

EA released the last GoldenEye game – Rogue Agent – back in 2004, to mixed reviews.

Since then, Activision has taken on the Bond licence – with Bizarre Creations-developed 360, PS3 and Wii title Bloodstone on the cards for an E3 reveal.

Would you like to see an HD remake of the classic N64 version, readers? But perhaps more importantly, would you like to see an HD remake that doesn’t involve the original developer?

Thanks to CVG for the original article.

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