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Italian PES Blog Reveals More Info!


Thanks to bigol from the boards for this bit of news.

The Italian Konami site has updated its news section with information regarding master league. The header shows it in its original language, hit the jump for the translation!

PES2010: announced new details of the game

The development team Konami has revealed details for PES2010. The next version will focus on realism, which is reflected in the rhythm of the game.

Rebuilding the game will be crucial. Players must make the most of the way and the movement to break down the opposition and work to assess the opportunities for networking. You can not do so without scoring a well-prepared.
The skills of the individual player will be revised and a new system will allow users to integrate into a team. Mixing these abilities, activation and deactivation some others, will be generated new ways to play PES.

Even more details of the tactical slider were revealed. Scrolling allows a development of the game of attack and defense of pressing real-time, scale of the game, the media and a number of other settings. Every team in PES will have a unique tactic, but the players are free to edit any field to meet their own style of play.

The Master League hours incorporates both the Champions League that il’Europa League, offering players the chance to enjoy a full season. The success in Master League players will play in these competitions. The lure of European football can also be used to attract the strongest players on your side, with the transfer of contracts and relationships now significantly more realistic and the management of foreign exchange real.

More information about the new features will be announced shortly.

Expect the UK blog to be updated with the same information very soon, with a pic as usual 😉

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