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J-League WE CC 2009 Given Release Date


Abbreviations galore in that post title! J-League Winning Eleven Club Championship 2009 (breathe) has finally been given a release date, and is due to hit store shelves in Japan on August 6th. This PS2 exclusive game is a hardcore fan favourite, and is an anticipated yearly release. Since the PS3 and Xbox 360 hit interest has dropped dramatically, but it’s still a game I will no doubt pick up.

There is however some concerning news that, fingers crossed, is due to timing of release rather than problems Konami are facing. The licensed European club teams are at a low, with no Man Utd license (just Liverpool), only 3 Italian teams (Juve, Inter and AC Milan), and just 2 Spanish teams (Real Madrid and Barcelona). The French and Dutch leagues remain intact though.

Like I said, I’m confident these issues will be resolved by the time PES 2010 hits. Here’s hoping! Check here for the official site.

Thanks to Sidiclei for the news.

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