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January Data Update: Have Your Say


As anyone who’s a football fan knows, we’re currently in the middle of the January transfer window. 33 days in which the hopes and dreams of a club’s season can be boosted or shattered by signing or releasing players (just ask Spurs and Pompey fans). Anyone who’s a FIFA fan will also know EA are releasing a free squad update in early February once the transfer window has closed, which updates transfers, team selections, stats and appearances – this means that EA’s data editors around the globe are busy collating all of the news and information to make this update as complete as possible, and now you can help to contribute to this massive data and statistical collection.

FSB are proud to announce a new collaboration with EA SPORTS, the FSB Community Roster Update Form (or as I like to call it, the CRUF). This online form is your window into the EA database, and gives you the chance to ensure that data corrections about your favourite players are submitted in time for the squad update. Beckham have the wrong haircut? Torres wearing the wrong boots? Bentley’s free-kick stat overrated? Zaki’s everything underrated? Simply visit the above link and submit your feedback into the system. Once the data is collated and verified it’ll be passed on to the EA SPORTS data producers, who will then disseminate it to the data editors in charge of each team.

Obviously as this is an officially EA sanctioned data process, we ask you to take this seriously and only submit data you are 100% confident of. Please submit your data feedback fully and with as much information as possible. Below are a couple of examples of correctly filled in data submissions:

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section and we’ll get back to you.

Good luck in the window everyone!

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