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January Update On The Horizon


With much talk from Konami promising downloadable updates in the future, we wonder if that includes more improvements for PES 2009…
First off a quick apology for our absence. Quite simply there’s not much to post about right now. WENB has always focused primarily on bringing the fans news on the PES series. Right now there’s nothing too positive to speak about regarding PES 2009, with much talk about poor year-on-year sales.

Secondly, with the rise of interest concerning the FIFA series thanks to FIFA 09’s success, our dedicated blog on EA’s franchise (FIFASoccerBlog.com) has grabbed our current attention. That’s mainly down to the fact the site is set to launch a collective campaign before the weekend to gain as much info for FIFA 09’s January update.
With that mind, my last (brief) conversation with our friends at Konami included a question about any possibility update for PES 2009 in the coming months. With no concrete answer, it got me thinking what sort of update Konami would actually do. I mean, the last update fixed certain lag issues but it was primarily focused on updating licenses and rosters. A January update would no doubt correct rosters again, but is that all we want?
The kit licensing and badges in the CL mode was neat, but that along with new boots made me think Konami wrongly think they have their fanbase figured out. After no doubt being enthralled by the community as they churn out more and more patches which add that official sheen on each version, Seabass and friends feel they need to mirror that to keep us happy.

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